Thursday, April 23, 2009

Welcome Back, Giuk.Net aka The Worm

Welcome back, Giuk.Net aka The Worm. There was a delay of about two days. It was supposed to have been re-launched on 19th April 2009 but only hit the cyber space a couple of days later. But that was only a minor hitch. What's more important is that it's back. After all, we had waited for so long.So what's wrong with waiting for just two more days.

Yes, the Worm (Giuk means worm in the Malay language, the national language of Malaysia) is back; but albeit with a new tag line. It's no longer "From Sabah to the World". It's now "Crawling The Web For Sabah Blogs", which I think is a more appropriate title for it tells the visitor or potential visitor at once what the site is about.

I also noticed that there was also a change of 'management' (I would not say ownership,correct me if I'm wrong). However, the name or nick of the old 'Big Boss' (to borrow the site's own term) was still listed alongside with the new one. They are respectively (the old) and

Thank you for mentioning Mr Badak (Rhino), Lorna aka WebGrrrl. That's the way, for after all without him there would not have been an aggregator for Sabah blogs in the first place. To be ungrateful would be tantamount to being 'Kacang Melupakan Kulit' (The Peanut Forgets Its Skin). Thanks for agreeing to save the Worm from being buried for good too, Lorna.

The only 'disappointment' was 'former' bloggers of Giuk.Net had to re-register to have their posts appear in the new list. But this is a minor problem. I'm sure most local bloggers don't mind. It's a good way to re-launch anyway. After all, some 'former' bloggers of the Worm may not even be still active or no longer interested since so much time had lapsed.

The other 'disappointment' was I couldn't get into Giuk.Net since its relaunch until today. There must have been a heavy traffic since so many people missed it for so many months. Good start for the WebGrrrl. Congratulations, Lorna and not forgetting the founder, the Rhino.

The other good news is that although it was re-launched only on April 21, I noticed that posts of days older were also included. Good thinking on the part of the WebGrrrl and good for the bloggers.

To conclude, I hope it wouldn't take too long for the new administrator to update the posts. It's now 24-hour and Lorna has promised to improve it to 12-hour before long. After which, she should strive for 6-hour. After all, Mr Badak's was 1-hour or the most 2-hour. Challenge for you there, WebGrrrl. Good luck.

Once again, Congratulations, Best Wishes and Good Luck.


ben said...

webgrrrl ftw! I am sure she will do a good job.

Lorna said...

Thanks for the suggestions and comments, Sikmading. When are you going to re-submit yours? :D

As I may have mentioned in my blog, I'm just helping out the mgt part. The service is hosted at my hosting account, but the domain is still owned by mrBadak. Concerning the updates, I'll be increasing the crawl frequency as more users submit their feeds.

Your New Year's resolution is still stuck in my mind ever since you posted about it -- what happened? :D

Mr Sikmading said...

Ben and Lorna- Thanks, both of you.

Lorna - Bukan I tak nak register.I tried, but masalah teknik agaknya. Tak boleh kah u saja tolong?

As for my new year resolution - don't u know that promises are meant to be broken? Ha ha, give me another chance.

Your e-mail address is not in your blog. So how to e-mail u please?

mrBadak said...

watzzz upp... how the heck did I miss this post? :P

thanks for the mention boss.. si Lorna memang buli bah kalau dia hehe :)